[Rd] cygwin and tar -- still?

From: Jeff D. Hamann <jeff.hamann_at_forestinformatics.com>
Date: Sun 25 Dec 2005 - 00:37:07 GMT

I've upgraded laptops and have put a new version of R on the new machine as well as the tools for building packages. I know R has required a "non-broken" version of tar for some time now and was hoping to not have to install any cygwin tools. Since building packages requires the use of MinGW and MSYS, why can't we simply use the tar that's part of msys?

After looking at the following results:

E:\conifers>rcmd build --binary rconifers
* checking for file 'rconifers/DESCRIPTION' ... OK


I still don't understand why the cygwin tool is required. I'm just a mere simpleton and haven't spent the time required to become king-fu master with this particular minutiae. Could the script that builds the package be fixed? Is it broken? If it's not broken, what's with the cygdrive stuff? why does the entire path need to be there?

Is the tar that's in the tools.zip from http://www.murdoch-sutherland.com/Rtools/ any different than the one with MSYS? Jeff.

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