Re: [Rd] .Call not counting parameters consistently (PR#8450)

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Wed 28 Dec 2005 - 22:58:21 GMT

On 12/28/2005 3:01 PM, Duncan Temple Lang wrote:
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> Coincidentally, I am in the process of working on a related aspect of
> symbol resolution.
> The issue is likely to be the caching of native symbols
> that we do. We do not cache the registration information,
> just the address of the routine. And so the test is not
> repeated. We can fix this, but it will make things more
> complex. This is a good example of where using the new mechanism
> within namespaces to resolve the symbols when the package
> is loaded and making them into regular R objects that
> are passed to .Call/.C/... makes things more rational.
> In that case, the caching is done in R and type information
> is more directly available.
> Off hand, I don't see why this would behave differently
> on Windows and Unix, so I'd appreciate if you could let
> us know the specific call that raises the error on Windows
> and not on Unix.

I just checked 2.1.1 on a Unix box, and didn't see the error (though I do see it in 2.1.1 on Windows). I don't really know how to narrow down the error any more than I did below: resolveNativeRoutine isn't returning the same answer both times. It returns enough for a successful call the second time, but not enough to test that the parameters are right.

> D.
> wrote:

>>The R_registerRoutines C function allows the number of parameters to a
>>.Call function to be registered.  For example, the tools package
>>function md5sum() calls "Rmd5", which has been registered to require
>>just one parameter.
>>But if it is called with the wrong number of parameters, only the first
>>error gets caught:
>>  > library(tools)
>>  > .Call("Rmd5",1,2,PACKAGE="tools")
>>Error: Incorrect number of arguments (2), expecting 1 for Rmd5
>>  > .Call("Rmd5",1,2,PACKAGE="tools")
>>Error: argument 'files' must be character
>>This happens in Windows versions of R-patched and R-devel.  Charlie
>>Geyer was bitten by this in his fuzzyRankTests package (version 0.3),
>>which fails check because of it on Windows, but not on Unix.  I haven't
>>done any testing on Unix.
>>I've traced into the do_dotcall function in src/main/dotcode.c, and I
>>see that on the second call the "" member is NULL, so
>>no test is done, but I don't see why this is happening.  The
>>resolveNativeRoutine function does some strange stuff.
>>Duncan Murdoch
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