[Rd] Problem installing from source: no CONTENTS files

From: <Mark.Bravington_at_csiro.au>
Date: Mon 09 Jan 2006 - 06:48:25 GMT

I've just had the error below while trying to install a package from source under R2.2.1 and Windows XP. I recall encountering this sporadically in the past. It is a pretty confusing message and took me quite some time to figure out; I've seen queries about it on the R site search, but couldn't find a reply. There's an attempted diagnosis and suggested cure below.

D:\r2.0\debug>rcmd INSTALL --library=d:/rpackages/r2.2.1 --docs=normal debug

What I think is happening is this. Because I installed R from binary *without* HTML help, no CONTENTS files are created for the packages. When running RCMD INSTALL, this causes an error in the MakePkg file (in src/gnuwin32 on my machine), in the "indices" section at the line starting @$(CAT) below. Commenting out the CAT line seems to work fine, in that installation proceeds OK, and regular non-HTML help and help.search are available for the package. The comment two lines up suggests that the behaviour is a bug; maybe a TRY-style wrapper could be used? If not, a different error message would be handy. I don't understand enough about makefiles to suggest a patch, unfortunately.


	@$(ECHO) "  installing indices"
	@$(ECHO) "invisible(.libPaths(c(.Library,\"$(RLIB)\",
.libPaths()))); tools:::.install_package_indices('.', '"$(DPKG)"')" | \

> /dev/null

# need not have HTML installed when building packages
	@$(MKDIR) -p $(RHOME)/doc/html/search
	@$(CAT) $(RHOME)/library/*/CONTENTS >


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