[Rd] naiveBayes.plot does not accept ask=FALSE (needed for use with tkrplot)

From: Dominik <dominik.heier_at_uni-bielefeld.de>
Date: Thu 12 Jan 2006 - 10:27:48 GMT

Dear mailing list members,

I am writing a tiny tcltk interface for a few basic classification methods which should also include plotting density curves with naiveBayes.plot() and tkrplot(). I try to replot the curve using the next input variable of the NaiveBayes by clicking a button in the tkrplot window. Well, it kind of works but: Now I want to make R stop asking me to "Hit <Return> to see next plot" The plot function does not accept the parameter "ask=FALSE". Warning: parameter "ask" could not be set in high-level plot() function. If I precede par(ask=FALSE), nothing changes. Well, I am really not shure wether I use "par()" correctly. (please see function plotfun() below) What do I have to do to run R completley in batch-mode?

thank you in advance
any hint would be greatly appreciated

Dominik Heier

#my codelooks like this:

doBayes<-function() {

    ## selected by former widget . For instance:     DATA<-as.data.frame(iris)




    plotfun<-function() {

        plot(bays,inVars[varcount],legendplot = TRUE,ask=FALSE)
        ## I tried to set ask=FALSE but got following warning:
        ## parameter "ask" could not be set in high-level plot() function



    plotNextVariable <- function() {

        if (varcount==length(inVars)) {
        } else {
        tkrreplot(bplot,function() plot(bays,inVars[varcount],legendplot 
= TRUE))

    next.but <- tkbutton(bbb,text="Next input variable",command=plotNextVariable)


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