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The command 'dev2bitmap(plotname, type="jpeg")' does the trick too.

Thanks to all those who sent helpful tips. It seems that I am posting these questions to the wrong list, my apologies!



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On 1/13/06, Dirk Eddelbuettel <> wrote:
> On 13 January 2006 at 11:02, wrote:
> | Is there any way to save a plot produced by
> | R in a LINUX (Debian) machine?
> It is the same on every platform and ...
> | The window opened by R to put the plot in,
> | does not give any option to save it (there
> | are options to move, close, minimise it, etc.
> | but not to save it). How do you do that?

What about using dev.copy? Or am I missing something? In windows there is a context menu when you click with the right mouse button, which lets you choose how do you want to save the plot. On linux I came up with such function, which albeit not perfectly but does the job:

d2b <-
function(file="Rplot%d.bmp",height=4,width=4,res=150,which=dev.cur(),...) {

    if(which!=dev.cur()) {

        cur <- dev.cur()

    else cur <- NULL  

dev.copy(device=bitmap,file=file,height=height,width=width,point=8,res=res,.. .)
    else dev.set(which)

It copies told device (current by default) to bitmap file. This function could be easily adapted for copying to other formats.

Since the answer was too easy, probably I did not understand question correctly. In that case please ignore this message.

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