Re: [Rd] Provide both shlib and standard versions of R?

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Mon 16 Jan 2006 - 08:08:16 GMT

On Mon, 16 Jan 2006, Bo Peng wrote:

>> then either build your own with correct options or talk to your
>> distribution's packaging team.
> It seems that my knowledge about this option is outdated. When I
> first encountered this problem two years ago, the R/rpm distribution
> came with no I was told that --enable-R-shlib would lead to
> 10% - 20% performance loss, and I had to re-compile R if I need to
> embed it.
> So I guess performance is no longer an issue and shared libraries are
> provided as default on all platforms now? I certainly welcome this
> change and I apologize for my unfounded accusation to R.

Why guess? There are accurate statements in the R-admin manual, and the RH RPM change was discussed on this list in 2006:

> BTW, shouldn't --enable-R-shlib be yes by default during ./configure?.

No, for the reasons given in the R-admin manual. They include that there are platforms on which --enable-R-shlib cannot be used.

We have been working (in R-devel) on changes which are designed to reduce the overhead of the shlib version of R: they do, but it is still over 10% on the platforms checked. (The figures given earlier are optimistic in the sense that they include time spent in compiled code in packages such as stats in a typical R session: worst-case scenarios have up to double that.)

Please do think hard before you tell other people what they `should' do for you.

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