Re: [Rd] Mosaicplot coloring (PR#8537)

From: Achim Zeileis <>
Date: Mon 30 Jan 2006 - 13:33:22 GMT


> OK. Call it that if you want, though I expect that I share
> the bug with many other people.

What I tried to say here was: Reports of user errors do not belong on R-bugs. A request on R-help would have been more likely to generate a useful, friendly and widely shared reply/discussion.

> The problem I see is that you (as a representative for the r-project)
> are the wrong person to judge the success or failure of the
> documentation. You presumably know the software in detail.
> Documentation is (to at least some degree) intended for use by
> people who _do_not_ know the software well.

What I tried to say here was: The main problem is neither the software nor the documentation, but the way you use it and interpret its results.  

> Expecting a package's developer to judge documentation is
> like asking a bald man to judge which comb is best.

I would never make recommendations about combs.

> > Note that I'm neither the author of the mosaicplot() function nor
> > its manual page.
> Just out of curiosity,
> why are you responding to bug reports that you don't
> have the power to fix?

Because you did not report a bug. Furthermore, I thought I could give you a helpful pointer to other solutions to your problem.

FYI: Meanwhile, R-core has signalled that they would add a cross reference to vcd in this case. Hence, I'll suggest a documentation patch to R-core.

Best regards,
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