Re: [Rd] Mosaicplot coloring (PR#8537)

From: Greg Kochanski <>
Date: Mon 30 Jan 2006 - 14:21:59 GMT

Achim Zeileis wrote:
> Greg:

>>OK.  Call it that if you want, though I expect that I share
>>the bug with many other people.

> What I tried to say here was: Reports of user errors do not belong on
> R-bugs. A request on R-help would have been more likely to generate a
> useful, friendly and widely shared reply/discussion.

And what I was trying to say is that any behaviour of a program that makes user errors likely can reasonably be considered a bug. I'll grant you that an individual user error is mere anecdotal evidence, but an individual's report combined with a plausible argument that other people will make the same mistake deserves some attention.

I would make an analogy to accident reports from aircraft accidents. Most accidents are caused (at least in part) by user error, and yet the reports recommend design changes to the aircraft to minimize the probability of future errors.

> FYI: Meanwhile, R-core has signalled that they would add a cross
> reference to vcd in this case. Hence, I'll suggest a documentation
> patch to R-core.

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