Re: [Rd] The install.R and R_PROFILE.R files

From: Seth Falcon <>
Date: Mon 06 Feb 2006 - 17:14:49 GMT

On 5 Feb 2006, wrote:
> I had a bumpy ride with this one.
> Ruuid/src/ refers to src/include, which is not in a
> binary distribution so cannot be installed from an installed version
> of R 2.2.1. (That's a bug report.)

Thanks for the report, this has been fixed in the devel version of Ruuid.

> graph throws an S4 signature error in R-devel.

Also fixed in devel, thanks.

> After fixing those, it works with LazyLoad on Windows but not in
> Unix where there is an error in the INSTALL script which I have now
> fixed.

Excellent, thanks.

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