Re: [Rd] match gets confused by S4 objects

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Tue 07 Feb 2006 - 16:49:38 GMT

>>>>> "Seth" == Seth Falcon <> >>>>> on Tue, 07 Feb 2006 07:20:17 -0800 writes:

    Seth> On 7 Feb 2006, wrote:
>> The solution has been agreed to be changing the internal
>> representation of S4 objects making them a new SEXP (basic R
>> "type"); and as Brian alludes to, the problem is that those in
>> R-core that want to and are able to do this didn't have the time
>> for that till now.

    Seth> The explanations from you are Brian are helpful, thanks.  I was aware
    Seth> that the issue is the internal representation of S4 objects and was
    Seth> hoping there might be a cheap work around until a new SEXP comes
    Seth> around.

    Seth> It seems that S4 instances are less trivial to detect than one might     Seth> expect before actually trying it.

    Seth> I suppose one work around is to have an S4Basic class that defines
    Seth> methods for match(), c(), etc and raises an error.  Then extending
    Seth> this class gives you some protection.

well; not so easy for c() !! {see the hoops we had to jump through to do this for cbind() / rbind() (used in 'Matrix')}.

But it might be interesting; particularly since some have said they'd expect a considerable performance penalty when all these basic functions would become S4 generics...

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