Re: [Rd] heatmap.2 in gplots (PR#8587)

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Sun 12 Feb 2006 - 11:02:08 GMT wrote:

> Full_Name: Shane Neph
> Version: 2.2.1
> OS: mac os x
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> While I found the names of the package authors and maintainer, I was
> unsuccessful in finding any contact information.

This is not a bug in R, hence please do not post it to R-bugs, R-devel would have been much more appropriate.
You will get contact information of the maintainer by typing, e.g.:


Uwe Ligges

> The preliminary documentation for heatmap.2 is inconsistent in at least a couple
> of places when discussing the suppression of one or more dendrograms (and
> column/row ordering in general).
> In the Details section, in regards to the Rowv and Colv parameters, "If either
> is NULL, no reordering will be done for the corresponding side." The default
> value for these parameters is NULL. With NULL, the dendrograms are computed
> (and hence reordering is done).
> In the Arguments section, Rowv shows "determines if and how the row dendrogram
> should be reordered. Either a dendrogram or a vector of values to reorder the
> row dendrogram of FALSE to suppres reordering or by default, NULL, ...". In
> particular, the portion about FALSE should be contrasted with the portion about
> NULL in the Details section.
> Finally, it is my belief that part of the intention or using FALSE (or whatever
> is supposed to suppress the reordering) is to suppress the actual dendrogram
> drawing as well. This is similar to how NA works for the same argument names in
> the heatmap function. Achieving this behavior is straightforward. Assuming
> FALSE is the argument for suppression, the column dendrogram/reordering can be
> achieved by modifying heatmap.2 near line 78-80:
> else {
> colInd <- order(Colv)
> }
> TO:
> else if ( isTRUE(Colv) ) {
> colInd <- order(Colv)
> }
> else
> colInd <- 1:nc
> This does suppress the automatic column ordering/dendrogram as desired. Similar
> fixes for the Rowv argument are needed.
> R is great - keep up the work.
> Shane
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