[Rd] [R] repeated measurements and lme

From: <jonvaz_at_stud.ibg.uit.no>
Date: Wed 15 Feb 2006 - 11:04:16 GMT

I am trying to do a repeated measurement anova using an lme. I have the

    following variables:
-ID, the identification of the individual
-trail, with 2 levels
-treatment, with 3
-time, measure 5 times the same individual
-VCL, the response variable

    I tried the following in R,
    within.gr<-groupedData(VCL~time|ID/treatment/time,data=within)     summary(lme(fixed=VCL~time*treatment,random=~1,data=within.gr))     I am not sure if it is correct at all. Can anyone help me? It will be very     helpful.


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