Re: [Rd] R CMD config --cppflags buglet

From: Dirk Eddelbuettel <>
Date: Mon 20 Feb 2006 - 16:22:04 GMT

                (resending, had the CC header foobar'ed. My bad --Dirk)

Brian, Simon,

On 20 February 2006 at 14:45, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
| Dirk,
| It was even more wrong in R-devel, for there we have sub-architectures and
| it needs to be "-I${R_INCLUDE_DIR} -I${R_INCLUDE_DIR}${R_ARCH}".
| Fixed now, thanks.

Excellent, thanks.

| I don't think there is any problem in

Possibly a false alert, I was just grepping for R_HOME_DIR/include. Sorry about that.

| > I was updated a number of packages for Quantian yesterday and noticed that
| > (at least) two packages had hard-coded links to $R_HOME/include in their
| Well, only 5 CRAN packages have a src/Makefile, and one other has
| src/ Of those only ROracle appears to have $R_HOME/include.
| So I'm missing something.

As you asked, the two failure were gnomeGUI which has a hardcoded $R_HOME/include which could get fixed, and JGR which isn't even on CRAN.... I didn't rebuild everything, and I never touch ROracle for lack of Oracle headers and backends here at home.

JGR also calls out to /usr/lib/R/share/sh/ which is probably not a good idea given that we have that in /usr/share/R/share/sh/ instead. Given the trouble we had in Debian from calling its sibbling /usr/share/R/share/perl/, I put in a kludge for that, but maybe we should work how JGR can get this functionality via actually exported calls (as you rightly told me that never that /usr/share/R/share/perl/ was not meant to be called directly).

That said, having JGR in Quantian is very nice ==:-)

| When 2.3.0 is nearer release this will need to go into the update notes.


Thanks, Dirk

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