Re: [Rd] Links to non-vignette documentation

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Fri 24 Feb 2006 - 03:40:48 GMT

I haven't followed this whole thread but note that if your package is called mypkg then you can create an .Rd file called mypkg-package.Rd which will be called up when the user issues:


and that can contain links to whatever you are interested in.



for an example. The R command, promptPackage, can be used to facilitate the creation of the -package.Rd file.

On 2/23/06, hadley wickham <> wrote:
> > They are meant to replace the INDEX, which you shouldn't need to create
> > any more. The DESCRIPTION file is still needed, but it contains more
> > structured information meant for mechanical reading and processing; the
> > package man page is meant to be the place to put things intended for
> > people to read.
> Do I need to keep the list of functions on the package man page in
> sync myself, or will they be automatically rebuilt? Is the intention
> to eventually change help(package=XXX) to point to the package man
> page?

> Hadley
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