Re: [Rd] Links to non-vignette documentation

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Fri 24 Feb 2006 - 14:11:44 GMT

On 2/24/2006 7:27 AM, Romain Francois wrote:
> What about using the latex package pdfpages to copy the pages from your
> PDF file `interface96.pdf` to your Sweave file. (I don't know if it is
> compatible with Sweave).
> Not tested :
> \documentclass[a4paper]{article}
> %\VignetteIndexEntry{Interface '96 paper by Marron et al. (1997)}
> %\VignettePackage{clps}
> \usepackage{hyperref}
> \usepackage{natbib}
> \usepackage{pdfpages}
> \title{Interface '96 paper by \cite{mar:tur:wan:96}}
> \author{Berwin A Turlach}
> \date{September 25, 2004}
> \begin{document}
> \maketitle
> \newpage
> \includepdf{interface96.pdf}
> \bibliographystyle{dcunsp}
> \bibliography{clps}
> \end{document}

That's a nice hack. You probably want the "fitpaper" option on the \includepdf command, so that you don't get an extra border around the page. For example, this file test.Rnw

%\VignetteIndexEntry{test include of pdf} %\VignettePackage{ellipse}





produces an output that looks pretty much exactly like the "response.pdf" file I used as test input in a viewer.

The only disadvantages I see are that both the test.pdf and response.pdf files got built into the package (but only test.pdf shows up in the index), and that test.pdf is a lot larger than response.pdf. (This may be because response.pdf was small; I haven't checked if the increase is additive or multiplicative).

For a non-hack solution:

A change to the R package build process would be to add support for a command like


to the test.Rnw file, telling R not to bother trying to build the pdf, because it had already been built by other means. Then I'd just have test.Rnw containing

%\VignetteIndexEntry{test include of pdf}

and solve both of the problems with Romain's workaround.

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