Re: Almost succesfull build on AIX

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Subject: Re: Almost succesfull build on AIX
From: Kurt Hornik (
Date: Thu 08 Jul 1999 - 16:34:00 EST

Message-ID: <>

>>>>> Thomas Vogels writes:

> "Kurt" == Kurt Hornik <> writes:

>>> Here's the problem:
>>>> 1/0
>>> [1]INF
>>>> is.finite(1/0)
>>> [1] TRUE

Ah ... but FRITZ wrote that ...

> Much to my surprise, a 'printf ("%g", 1/.0)' prints INF in a C
> program. Should this not result in a floating point exception?

>>> R was built using the flags included below, gcc version is 2.7.2. Does
>>> anybody with experience on AIX know what's going on (the all uppercase
>>> INF looks somewhat suspicious).

> Because it's a return value, not the R string "Inf". Wild guess,
> lemme think about it.

Kurt> If I may add. Building for me only works with LDCMD and SHLIBLD as
Kurt> f77
Kurt> or
Kurt> cc with `-lc -lm' added to DLLFLAGS and SHLIBLDFLAGS

> Yes, there is still something wrong with the DLLFLAGS. (Which also
> shows up when you try to link local libraries (like a private copy of
> the readline lib).) I've played a little more with the way R.exp is
> generated. Let me try it on 64.2 and 65.

Please, NOT with 0.64.2. All my configure/make changes are in 0.65!

Kurt> It did not work with
Kurt> ld (gives an exec format error in the main binary)

> My experience is that if I compile the main function with gcc then I
> have to link with gcc, otherwise it can't find .__main. Which leads
> to:

Kurt> gcc (cannot find libgcc.a???)

> Yep and hmm. Arne found that you can say "gcc
> --print-libgcc-file-name" and then gcc actually does that. You can
> add the result of the command on the link line. (If however gcc never
> finds libgcc.a then you're in deep trouble. Check wether you can find
> gcc's spec file.)

The specs file is fine. My question is, is that a known gcc problem on
AIX or is that due to the rather outdated version of gcc we have? If it
is a general problem, I can easily add to DLLFLAGS.

Kurt> I am not sure up to what extend this is a problem with AIX in general or
Kurt> the specific system Fritz and I have access to, which in particular has
Kurt> gcc built 3 years ago for AIX 3.something.

> Probably something with AIX in general.

> BTW, do you not get compiler errors about blkcnt not being defined
> when you compile with gcc? So far, I had to patch most programs
> because there is a bug with the standard include files.


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