Re: R 0.65 and AIX: if it quacks like a duck...

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Subject: Re: R 0.65 and AIX: if it quacks like a duck...
From: Kurt Hornik (
Date: Wed 21 Jul 1999 - 20:19:36 EST

Message-Id: <>

>>>>> Thomas Vogels writes:

> Hi,

> this relates to R-devel of 1999/July/18. I will outline what I had
> to change to get R to compile with cc then with gcc. Note that R
> compiled with cc works, R compiled with gcc is broken.

> --> Compile with cc:

> 1) Edit src/main/saveload.c: disable the undefine! With the #undef
> _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED the compilation dies an untimely death.
> (And the header files are not as badly broken for cc!)

> 2) Edit src/appl/sock.c: dto.


> 3) Edit src/unix/system.c: need a "break;" after default: in line 752
> (yes, won't compile without)

Already taken care of

> 4) Edit src/main/builtin.c: line 318 should read "#endif /* NOT_used */"
> (get rids of the warning)


> 5) CC=cc ../configure

> Note this is broken for the dependency check (ld barfs the error
> message to stdout instead of the log file?)
> checking whether cc accepts -M for generating dependencies... ld:
> 0711-317 ERROR
> : Undefined symbol: .main
> ld: 0711-345 Use the -bloadmap or -bnoquiet option to obtain more
> information.
> no

Fixed, hopefully.

> Note 2 that configure leaves a file called "-fp-no-toc" behind. Oops.


> 6) make && make check and everything looks ok.

> --> Compile with gcc:

> 1) 2) 3) 4) like above

> Additionally edit *sock.c:

> 5b) In appl/Rsock.c and appl/sock.c added `#include "Rconfig.h"'
> (This doesn't hurt the cc compilation.)

> 6b) CC=gcc ../configure

> Surprises: this finds libcurses and libz. I don't know where,
> though. So I manually remove -lreadline -lz -lcurses from the LIBS
> line in Makeconf. Note that I add my private readline with the help
> of CPPFLAGS and LIBS in (thanks, Kurt).


> 7b) edit Rconfig.h:
> #ifdef __GNUC__
> typedef long blkcnt_t;
> #endif

> Yes, I NEED this for gcc 2.8.1. This is a gcc bug, because gcc
> -I/usr/include will compile. What I've learned is that it is
> essential to verify which include files the compiler finds, these are
> not always the ones in /usr/include! Maybe configure can pick this
> up?

It does now.

> This gets you to a point where things will compile. What remains is
> the NaN and Inf problem. I've tried to disable the finite function by
> overriding the configure result (a la finite=no). But then R core
> dumps. And uh, those ugly tick marks...

> I'm afraid this all doesn't make too much sense, it's a mess.

> Lemme know, if there is something you want me to try.

Work in progress ...

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