Re: 0.65 HPUX/AIX update

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Subject: Re: 0.65 HPUX/AIX update
From: Thomas Vogels (
Date: Sat 24 Jul 1999 - 06:44:43 EST

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  thanks for the changes. I've downloaded the snapshot on July 22.
It looks like we are in good shape now for AIX:

"Kurt" == Kurt Hornik <> writes:

Kurt> The current situation is as follows.
Kurt> AIX:
Kurt> * I still need f77 for linking. Using ld with the suggested flags gives
Kurt> a binary with `exec format error'. The problem seems to be with an
Kurt> unreferenced __start.

I apologize for not seeing this earlier: "__start" is defined in
/lib/crt0.o. So all you have to do is add /lib/crt0.o to the objects
when linking. (You have to look carefully for that in the output from
gcc --verbose anything.o to learn what gcc is doing when linking an executable.)

Kurt> * The floating point (finite|isnan) stuff is strange, but under control,
Kurt> I think. Plain cc works, gcc has a problem and seems to need having
Kurt> prototypes turned off for IEEE fp. (More below.)

Quick fix and insanity check: Add the following lines at the end of Arith.h
  #include <fp.h>
  static int finite (double x) {
        return FINITE (x);
This will generate lots of warnings. The resulting executable
(compiled with gcc) works wrt Inf and NaN! My current assumption is
that there is a bug in gcc that generates the wrong inline version of
finite. Overwriting it solves the problem. A better fix would be to
ensure that finite is never called when configure finds that it is
buggy. (I believe that the issue whether finite () exists is a
separate one. So there should be two flags, like HAVE_FINITE and

Kurt> So there is a problem in the finite() test with gcc. It somehow is
Kurt> related to the use of ANSI C prototypes, and disappears if we define
Kurt> _NO_PROTO. I am in the process of adding this as a short term fix, but
Kurt> we should think a bit more about that.


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