Re: R with Windows 95 (PR#271)

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Subject: Re: R with Windows 95 (PR#271)
Date: Thu 09 Sep 1999 - 02:24:11 EST

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> Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 17:56:13 +0200 (MET DST)
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> Subject: R with Windows 95 (PR#271)
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> Full_Name: Pascal GRANDEAU
> Version: 0.65.0
> OS: Windows 95
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> I downloaded the new version of R and I see a little bug with Windows 95. If I
> plot anything and then I call the menu Windows/Tile, this works but when I
> continue to work after a certain number of input (near 10) the cursor disapear
> and I cannot continue. This happens also if I change the dimensions of the
> windows.

Let me be clear, since there are lot of possibilities. You are using
Rgui.exe in mdi mode? Have you changed any options in Rconsole? At
some point the cursor disppears: do the menus still work? Can you still
move the windows?

> I don't see the same bug with version 0.64.1.

You are commenting on a preliminary release, which as the announcement
says, has not been tested extensively; in particular I have no access
to Windows 95, and very little to Windows 98 (but Guido Masarotto has
to both). I cannot reproduce this under NT, but I may not be guessing
right what you did. Unfortunately, I suspect a problem with Windows
event handling, and that is very version-dependent.

Please try the official release (when it comes) and report again if the
problem persists. Guido does use a different compile environment from mine.

I have managed to track down two problems (DEL did not work, no printer
chooser appears) both of which are due to errors in header files in the
compiler I used and have been fixed in the current version (you only
need the new dated Sept 7). Given that history, I am quite
ready to believe that there are more of the same.

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