Re: axis() produces junk on DEC alpha (PR#274)

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Subject: Re: axis() produces junk on DEC alpha (PR#274)
Date: Mon 13 Sep 1999 - 16:34:45 EST

Message-Id: <>

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999 wrote:

> Full_Name: Albrecht Gebhardt
> Version: 0.65.0
> OS: Digital Unix 4.0E
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Plottimg on the Alpha stopped working with 0.65.0.
> The tickmarks have a length of -Inf and go across the whole
> plot.

I've seen the problem on Solaris when make decided to re-configure
and so parts of R got compiled with different compiler options (as under
re-configuration different environmental variables were set). But for me
the problem seems to be getting NaN.

> A first solution is the following patch:
> --- src/main/plot.c.alpha-patch Mon Sep 13 01:37:11 1999
> +++ src/main/plot.c Mon Sep 13 01:58:16 1999
> @@ -832,7 +832,7 @@
> }
> dd->gp.col = fg;
> GLine(REAL(at)[0], y, REAL(at)[n - 1], y, USER, dd);
> - if (R_FINITE(dd->gp.tck)) {
> + if (R_FINITE(dd->gp.tck) && !(ISNAN(dd->gp.tck))) {
> /* The S way of doing ticks */
> double y0, y1;
> if (dd->gp.tck > 0.5) {


I'm puzzled. Are you saying -Inf passes R_FINITE and passes ISNAN? (Wow!,
if so,) In any case, let us try and fix the macros (which crop up in many
places) not two instances.

There are too many options in Arith.h to guess: can you please tell us
what path is being taken (HAVE_FINITE, IEEE_754, FINITE_BROKEN, ...).

I believe this can all be tested from interpreted R code. I believe you
should get (, Inf, -Inf, NaN, NA)) etc)
           2.0 Inf -Inf NaN NA F F F T T
is.finite T F F F F
is.infinite F T T F F
is.nan F F F T F

(Martin: I can't see this is checked in the tests explicitly. Should we add
it?) Note though that tests ISNAN and is.nan tests R_IsNaN, but
is.finite does test R_FINITE.

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Professor of Applied Statistics,
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