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Subject: Re: (PR#315)
From: Martin Maechler (
Date: Wed 10 Nov 1999 - 23:58:36 EST

Message-ID: <14377.31244.674152.34117@gargle.gargle.HOWL>

>>>>> On Wed, 10 Nov 1999 02:32:54 +0100 (MET), (Rashid
>>>>> Nassar) said:

RNa> Again I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those
RNa> working so selflessly on the development of R for us all to use it
RNa> freely (and it is such a joy to use!)

RNa> Rashid Nassar

RNa> == Possible bug:

RNa> 1.
RNa> boxplot()
RNa> This is an old behavior that I had reported before, but as it is still
RNa> there, it may not ba a bug (although it looks like one to me). "qfcut"
RNa> is numeric, "st" is a factor:

>> plot(qfcut~st) # works
>> plot(st,qfcut) # works
okay that was plot which has TWO arguments if not used with a formula

>> boxplot(qfcut~st) # works
>> boxplot(st,qfcut) # doesn't work
RNa> Error: "range" not meaningful for factors

This is not a bug.
boxplot() either has a formula or "x, ..." arguments
which must be `single boxplot' components (read "?boxplot.default").

RNa> == The following are minor typos, etc. in help screens, <<error>> [[suggested]]:

RNa> 2.
RNa> ?boxplot.default
RNa> names: group labels which <<while>> [[will]] be printed under each
RNa> boxplot.
ok, done.

RNa> 3.
RNa> ?par
RNa> adj: The value of `adj' determines the way in which
RNa> text strings are justified. A value of `0' pro-
RNa> duces <<right>> left-justified text, ...
ok, done.

RNa> 4.
RNa> ?abline
RNa> (end of 1st paragraph of Description):
RNa> .... through the origin, otherwise, the first 2 val-
RNa> ues are taken to be the <<slope and intercept>> [[intercept and
RNa> slope]]. (since the first parameter is interpreted as the intercept).
ok, done.

RNa> == The following are suggestions offered with a great deal of
RNa> (appropriate) diffidence:

RNa> 5.
RNa> ?tapply (also perhaps ?lapply, ?sapply, ?apply)
RNa> I think it would be useful to add `aggregate' to the "See Also:" list.
RNa> Without V&R I would not have known about aggregate.
ok, done. [tapply and apply]

RNa> 6.
RNa> ?persp
RNa> d: a value which can be used to vary the strength of
RNa> the perspective transformation. Values of `d'
RNa> greater than 1 will lessen the perspective effect
RNa> and values less and 1 will exaggerate it.
RNa> I think it may be useful if the value of d for no perspective
RNa> effect is also given (looks to be d=10?)

(this should be discussed on R-help; there's more to it,..
 I don't see through that myself.
 It certainly would be useful if the documentation was enlarged here.

 Want to study the source: src/main/persp3d.c

RNa> 7.
RNa> It is great that `boxplot' has a data= parameter; can `plot' (as in
RNa> `plot.default') have one too? (no answer needed-- I know if not, there
RNa> is a good reason for it :)

boxplot doesn't.
It's boxplot.formula(.) which *has* a data argument;
and so does plot.formula() !

Thank you for your feedback, Rashid.
and yes (as Peter said), please, next time try to put things like these in
about 2 or 3 parts.

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