Re: R-0.90.0 untar

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Subject: Re: R-0.90.0 untar
From: Martin Maechler (
Date: Tue 23 Nov 1999 - 02:30:54 EST

Message-ID: <14393.28606.63116.442782@gargle.gargle.HOWL>

>>>>> On Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:13:34 -0500, Paul Gilbert <> said:

PaulG> I had a couple of problems getting R 0.90.0. In case anyone
PaulG> has similar problems, I though I would mention them.

PaulG> 1/ I can't use "ftp" from either home or
PaulG> work. The ftp service does not seem to be available. Perhaps
PaulG> this is intended. I only discovered it because I thought the
PaulG> file I got through Netscape might be corrupted. (I don't
PaulG> understand why Netscape ftp://... should work but anonymous ftp
PaulG> does not.)

anonymous FTP (through emacs' ange-ftp/efs) works fine for me.

PaulG> 2/ From Netscape (Linux) with
PaulG> or

PaulG> I get a file which gunzips ok. Also tar -xf in /tmp or when
PaulG> signed onto my file server works. However, if I try to untar on
PaulG> a workstation in a directory mounted from the file server, it
PaulG> fails with lots of messages about "Error while closing:
PaulG> Operation not permitted." I suspect this may be a peculiar
PaulG> combination of user/group ownerships (perhaps not all with the
PaulG> same ids on my workstation and server), but I have never had the
PaulG> problem before (not even with R-devel from a few days ago).

same big problem for me.
I thought it was because had other big problems today,
but the reason seems these funny permissions.

tar tfvz R-0.90.0.tgz
lists most files with permissions



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