Re: [Rd] .Fortran successful, R locks up.

From: Daniel Fuka <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 23:04:42 -0400

Thanks Duncan for helping me along the way. I am working in OSX, Linux, and Windows, and gdb is helping me trace it along to what appears to be an endless processor intensive loop in sys-std.c . Below, I have pasted the output. All files are closed as verified by lsof. There is absolutely no stdio other than what I have put in a call to R library's subroutine intpr, all other io is routed to files, which are all successfully closed. The entire routine successfully runs, and spits out the output from intpr. Is there supposed to be something returned from the Fortran routine that Rstd_ReadConsole is looking for? I have attached the final lines of the fortran subroutine, as well as the gdb steps post fortran routine. Any additional help is greatly appreciated!

Last few lines of fortran, where intrflag is : ---SNIP---

      call closefiles
      call deallocate_parms
      call intpr ("test", 4, intrflag, 1)

R debug walkthrough:

r -d gdb
----SNIP normal debug startup----
> library.dynam("swat","EcoHydrology")

Reading symbols for shared libraries ... done
> .Fortran("rswat",7)


[1] 0
[1] 7


Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt. 0x9172a2de in sigprocmask ()
(gdb) next
Single stepping until exit from function sigprocmask, which has no line number information.
0x9172a23a in setjmp ()
Single stepping until exit from function setjmp, which has no line number information.
0x9172a2f0 in sigaltstack ()
Single stepping until exit from function sigaltstack, which has no line number information.
0x9172a25c in setjmp ()
Single stepping until exit from function setjmp, which has no line number information.
0x91712fb8 in _setjmp ()
Single stepping until exit from function _setjmp, which has no line number information.
R_SelectEx (n=1, readfds=0x6391a0, writefds=0x0, exceptfds=0x0, timeout=0x0, intr=<value temporarily unavailable, due to

optimizations>) at ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c:137
137     ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c: No such file or directory.
        in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
141     in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
146     in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
151     in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
152     in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
153     in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
157     in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c
R_checkActivityEx (usec=-1, ignore_stdin=0, intr=0x4f68a0 <handleInterrupt>) at ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c:330 330 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
Rstd_ReadConsole (prompt=0x10214e0 "> ", buf=0xbfffe288 ".Fortran(\"rswat\",7)\n", len=4096, addtohistory=1) at ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c:911 911 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
912 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
904 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
911 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
912 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
904 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
911 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
912 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
904 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
911 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
912 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb)
904 in ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c (gdb) bt
#0 Rstd_ReadConsole (prompt=0x10214e0 "> ", buf=0xbfffe288 ".Fortran(\"rswat\",7)\n", len=4096, addtohistory=1) at ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/unix/sys-std.c:904 #1 0x004394e6 in Rf_ReplIteration (rho=0x102472c, savestack=0, browselevel=0, state=0xbfffe27c) at
../../../../R-2.12.1/src/main/main.c:210 #2 0x00439650 in R_ReplConsole (rho=0x102472c, savestack=0, browselevel=0) at ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/main/main.c:311 #3 0x00439bab in run_Rmainloop () at ../../../../R-2.12.1/src/main/main.c:1004 #4 0x00001ff0 in main ()

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Duncan Murdoch <> wrote:
> On 24/03/2011 12:35 PM, Daniel Fuka wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> I am having a problem with a library compiled from some legacy fortran
>> code. I can call the library, it runs as it should, returns a list,
>> and gives a ">" prompt, but then locks up the R session. Functions
>> typed in return nothing. ctrl-c results in a new prompt that is still
>> locked up, and R overwhelms the processor. This happens on Mac,
>> Windows, and Linux exactly the same. I close all open files and
>> confirm nothing is still open with unix lsof. I also have added a
>> routine to deallocate all allocated variables.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions in how I might be able to debug this
>> further? I have included output from the R session, top -o CPU, and R
>> CMD INSTALL below.
> I would guess that the Fortran is trying to do some Fortran-style I/O; that
> often causes problems.  See Writing R Extensions for alternatives (dblepr
> etc.).  Or it might be some other bug.
> The best way to debug something like this is with gdb or gdb plus a front
> end like Insight, Xcode, Eclipse, etc., but if you haven't used them before,
> they are somewhat daunting.  If you're doing this on Windows you'll need to
> rebuild your library with the environment variable DEBUG set to T to get the
> debugging information compiled into it.  Not sure if you need to do anything
> on the other systems.
> Duncan Murdoch
>> Thanks for your time on my behalf!
>> dan
>> Ouput from R session with library "swat" and subroutine "junk":
>> >  library.dynam("swat","EcoHydrology")
>> >  .Fortran("junk")
>>                 SWAT2005
>>       Soil&  Water Assessment Tool
>>                PC Version
>>  Program reading from file.cio . . . executing
>> list()
>> >
>> ^C
>> >  q("n")
>> ^C
>> >  obejcts()
>> ^C
>> >  q()
>> ^C
>> >  ^Z
>> [1]+  Stopped                 r
>> DRF28:~/cornell/ecohydrology/swat_example/SJ_R_test_mac/Scenarios/Default/TxtInOut_R
>> dan$ killall R
>> [1]+  Terminated              r
>> Output from top during lockup:
>> 40750 R           96.6%  1:56.07   1    17     87   15M  1384K-   19M
>>  49M
>> Output from R CMD INSTALL:
>> 114 mirage5:fuka% R CMD INSTALL EcoHydrology
>> * installing to library
>> ‘/glade/home/fuka/R/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-library/2.12’
>> * installing *source* package ‘EcoHydrology’ ...
>> ** libs
>> ** arch -
>> Makefile:123: warning: overriding commands for target `.f.o'
>> /fs/local/apps/R-2.12.1/lib64/R/etc/Makeconf:132: warning: ignoring
>> old commands for target `.f.o'
>> gfortran -fPIC -g -O2   -c modparm.f
>> gfortran -fPIC -g -O2   -c addh.f
>> ---SNIP successful gfortran output----
>> gfortran -fPIC -g -O2   -c zeroini.f
>> gfortran -fPIC -g -O2   -c closefiles.f
>> gfortran -shared  -o modparm.o addh.o albedo.o
>> allocate_parms.o alph.o analyse.o anfert.o apex_day.o apply.o ascrv.o
>> ---SNIP successful link output----
>> writeaa.o writed.o writem.o writeswatfile.o writeswatmain.o xisquare.o
>> xiunc.o xmon.o ysed.o zero0.o zero1.o zero2.o zeroini.o closefiles.o
>> installing to
>> /glade/home/fuka/R/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-library/2.12/EcoHydrology/libs
>> ** R
>> ** data
>> ** preparing package for lazy loading
>> ** help
>> *** installing help indices
>> ** building package indices ...
>> ** testing if installed package can be loaded
>> * DONE (EcoHydrology)
>> ______________________________________________
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