[Rd] Help understanding how nls parses the formula argument to estimate the model

From: Joe Byers <joe-byers_at_utulsa.edu>
Date: Thu 21 Sep 2006 - 17:50:19 GMT

I could use some help understanding how nls parses the formula argument to a model.frame and estimates the model. I am trying to utilize the functionality of the nls formula argument to modify garchFit() to handle other variables in the mean equation besides just an arma(u,v) specification.

My nonlinear model is

	start=list(w=.5,a=.1,p=.5,b=init.y$coef[2],int=init.y$coef[1] ),
where t is change in daily temperatures, id is just a time trend and the a*sin is a one year fourier series.

I have tried to debug the nls code using the following code t1<-data.frame(t=as.vector(x),id=index(x)) data=t1;
formula <- as.formula(t ~ a *sin(w *2* pi/365 * id + p) + b * id + int);

      varNames <- all.vars(formula)
      mf <- match.call(definition=nls,expand.dots=FALSE,
      call('nls',formula, data=parent.frame(),start,control = nls.control(),
      algorithm = "default", trace = FALSE,
      subset, weights, na.action, model = FALSE, lower = -Inf,
      upper = Inf));
	start=list(w=.5,a=.1,p=.5,b=init.y$coef[2],int=init.y$coef[1] );
      pnames <- names(start);
       varNames <- varNames[is.na(match(varNames, pnames, nomatch = NA))]

	varIndex <- sapply(varNames,
		function(varName, data, respLength) {
          	length(eval(as.name(varName), data))%%respLength == 0},
          	 data, length(eval(formula[[2]], data))
	mf$formula <- as.formula(paste("~", paste(varNames[varIndex],
          collapse = "+")), env = environment(formula));
	mf$start <- NULL;mf$control <- NULL;mf$algorithm <- NULL;
	mf$trace <- NULL;mf$model <- NULL;
      mf$lower <- NULL;mf$upper <- NULL;
      mf[[1]] <- as.name("model.frame");
      wts <- if (!mWeights)
      else rep(1, n)
      if (any(wts < 0 | is.na(wts)))
          stop("missing or negative weights not allowed")

      m <- switch(algorithm,
      		plinear = nlsModel.plinear(formula, mf, start, wts),
      		port = nlsModel(formula, mf, start, wts, upper),
      		nlsModel(formula, mf, start, wts));

I am struggling with the environment issues associated with performing these model.frame operations with the eval functions.

thank you

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