Re: [R] trying to rotate barplot labels

From: Chuck Cleland <>
Date: Wed 18 Oct 2006 - 21:41:46 GMT

Leeds, Mark (IED) wrote:
> hi everyone : i'm trying to rotate the x axis labels in my barlot ( yes,
> since yesterday ) and my prob12matrix is 2 rows and 16 columns and i
> followed the instructions in the
> archive "rotate barplot labels". i was really looking forward to seeing
> my labels turned but the plot just came back with no labels ? can anyone
> see what might be going on ?
> it worked when i followed the archive using the simulated rnorm data
> generrated there.
> i've changed the naming method so that i'm using the labels command
> instead of the defaulted column names , so i wouldn't even mind getting
> them on unrotated because they
> might even fit now. if someone knows how to do that wqihout rotating,
> that;s worth a try
> maybe it has something do with that the rnorm data in the archive was
> ten values whereas i have 16 values ( or 32 if i do besides = T ) ? I
> don't
> know in depth what's really happening with all of these commands so it
> could be something with 10 versus 16. the plot looks fine though except
> for the lack of labels. also, if i take out axisnames=FALSE, it puts the
> columnnames on which don't fit. thanks a lot.
> par(mar=c(7,4,4,2) + 0.1)
> mp<-barplot(prob12matrix,axisnames=FALSE)
> axis(1,at= mp,labels=FALSE)
> labels<-c("+","+|+","+|++","+|-+","+|+++","+|-++","+|+-+","+|++-","+|+++
> +","+|-+++","+|+-++","+|++-+","+|+++-","+|--++","+|-+-+","+|-++-")
> text(mp,par("usr")[3]-0.5,srt=45,adj=1,labels=labels,xpd=TRUE)

  It could be that -0.5 is too big of a shift in the text. Here is an example where -0.5 does not work but -0.05 is just about right:

prob12matrix <- matrix(runif(32), ncol=16)

par(mar=c(7,4,4,2) + 0.1)

mp<-barplot(prob12matrix, axisnames=FALSE)

axis(1, at=mp, labels=FALSE)

labels<-c("+","+|+","+|++","+|-+","+|+++","+|-++","+|+-+","+|++-","+|+++ +","+|-+++","+|+-++","+|++-+","+|+++-","+|--++","+|-+-+","+|-++-")

text(mp, par("usr")[3]-0.05, srt=45, adj=1, labels=labels, xpd=TRUE)

  You need to experiment with how far down to shift the text from par("usr")[3].

hope this helps,


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