Re: [R] How to solve differential and integral equation using R?

From: Shao <>
Date: Mon 09 Apr 2007 - 10:43:43 GMT

I have much to learn~~~

Shao chunxuan

On 4/9/07, <> wrote:
> i think 'odesolve' and MASS package may help you..... rest is below
> >"differential")
> >"integration")
> >"differential")
> Help files with alias or concept or title matching 'differential' using
> fuzzy matching:
> distfacmap(adehabitat) Compute distances to the different levels
> of a factor map
> Citrus(BSDA) Percent of peak bone density of different
> aged children
> Clean(BSDA) Residual contaminant following the use of
> three different
> cleansing agents
> Fabric(BSDA) Measures of softness of 10 different
> clothing garments washed
> with and without a softener
> Differential Equation System
> pda.fd(fda) Principal Differential Analysis
> summary.Lfd(fda) Summarize a Linear Differential Operator
> Object
> vec2Lfd(fda) Make a Linear Differential Operator
> Object from a Vector
> cellular(forward) Cellular differentiation data
> diffseries(fracdiff) Fractionally Differenciate Data
> test.between(hierfstat) Tests the significance of the effect of
> test.lev on genetic
> differentiation
> test.between.within(hierfstat) Tests the significance of the effect of
> test.lev on genetic
> differentiation
> test. g(hierfstat) Tests the significance of the effect of
> level on genetic
> differentiation
> test.within(hierfstat) Tests the significance of the effect of
> inner.level on genetic
> differentiation within blocks defined by
> outer.level
> poster.plot(IDPmisc) Convenient xyplot with Differently
> Colored Margin and Plot Region
> ebayes(limma) Empirical Bayes Statistics for
> Differential Expression
> nlmeODE(nlmeODE) Non-linear mixed-effects modelling in
> nlme using differential
> equations
> Dmean(nlreg) Differentiate the Mean Function of a
> Nonlinear Model
> Dvar(nlreg) Differentiate the Variance Function of a
> Nonlinear Model
> lsoda(odesolve) Solve System of ODE (ordinary
> differential equation)s.
> rk4(odesolve) Solve System of ODE (ordinary
> differential equation)s by
> classical Runge-Kutta 4th order
> integration.
> deriv.polynomial(polynom) Differentiate a Polynomial
> sde.sim(sde) Simulation of Stochastic Differential
> Equation
> crossdist.psp(spatstat) Pairwise distances between two different
> line segment patterns
> compare.method(varmixt) Compare the different analysis methods
> Comparison of the different analysis
> methods
> >"integration")
> Help files with alias or concept or title matching 'integration' using
> fuzzy matching:
> interaction(base) Compute Factor Interactions
> plot.bim.mcmc(bim) Bayesian MCMC sequence plots for burnin
> and iterations.
> plot.nDesign(binGroup) Plot iteration of nDesign
> boa.getiter(boa) Extract Iterations
> boa.iter(boa) Extract Iteration Numbers
> boa.sortiter(boa) Sort by Iteration Numbers
> sintegral(Bolstad) Numerical integration using Simpson's
> Rule
> modelIteration(BRugs) Returns number of iterations
> modelSetSeed(BRugs) Seed of Random Number Generator
> modelSetAP(BRugs) Changing settings of updating algorithms
> modelUpdate(BRugs) Updating the model
> samplesSample(BRugs) Stored values
> samplesStats(BRugs) Calculate summary statistics
> Angell(car) Moral Integration of American Cities
> trapz(caTools) Trapezoid Rule Numerical Integration
> E(distrEx) Generic Function for the Computation of
> (Conditional)
> Expectations
> GLIntegrate(distrEx) Gauss-Legendre Quadrature
> distrExIntegrate(distrEx) Integration of One-Dimensional Functions
> distrExOptions(distrEx) Function to change the global variables
> of the package 'distrEx'
> Mofa(Ecdat) International Expansion of U.S. Mofa's
> (majority-owned Foreign
> Affiliates in Fire (finance, Insurance
> and Real Estate)
> myintegrate(elliptic) Complex integration
> newton.rapheson(elliptic) Newton Rapheson iteration to find roots
> of equations
> ilspline(fame) Linear Spline Integration
> strongx(faraway) Strong interaction experiment data
> itnumber(fpc) Number of regression fixed point cluster
> iterations
> cvLoss(gbev) Cross-validation of boosting iteration.
> plotLoss(gbev) Plot loss function versus iteration.
> ConvertMedUnits(gdata) Convert medical measurements between
> International Standard (SI)
> and US 'Conventional' Units.
> MedUnits(gdata) Table of conversions between Intertional
> Standard (SI) and US
> 'Conventional' Units for common medical
> measurements.
> scan.glm.2D(GenABEL) Scans regional data allowing for
> gene-gene interaction using glm
> MultHomog(gnm) Specify a Multiplicative Interaction with
> Homogeneous Effects in
> a gnm Model Formula
> Symm(gnm) Symmetric Interaction of Factors
> Topo(gnm) Topological Interaction of Factors
> interaction.positioned(HH) interaction method for positioned
> factors.
> interaction2wt(HH) Plot all main effects and twoway
> interactions in a multifactor
> design
> intxplot(HH) Interaction plot, with an option to print
> standard error bars.
> panel.interaction2wt(HH) Plot all main effects and twoway
> interactions in a multifactor
> design
> ciapower(Hmisc) Power of Interaction Test for Exponential
> Survival
> safeIntegrate(HyperbolicDist) Safe Integration of One-Dimensional
> Functions
> interaction.indices(kappalab) The Shapley interaction indices
> area(MASS) Adaptive Numerical Integration
> intr.plot.2d(MBESS) Plotting Conditional Regression Lines
> with Interactions in Two
> Dimensions
> intr.plot(MBESS) Regression Surface Containing Interaction
> sigma.mle(merror) Computes the ith iteration for computing
> the squared imprecision
> estimates.
> gam.outer(mgcv) Minimize GCV or UBRE score of a GAM using
> 'outer' iteration
> mice.mids(mice) Multivariate Imputation by Chained
> Equations (Iteration Step)
> nthOrderModel(mimR) Create generating class with nth order
> interactions for
> log-linear model
> mc.irf(MSBVAR) Monte Carlo Integration / Simulation of
> Impulse Response
> Functions
> gqz(npmlreg) Gauss-Hermite integration points
> rk4(odesolve) Solve System of ODE (ordinary
> differential equation)s by
> classical Runge-Kutta 4th order
> integration.
> odfInsertPlot(odfWeave) Write XML for image inseration
> qb.epistasis(qtlbim) Density Plots for Models Showing
> Epistasis and GxE Interactions.
> Interaction2wtRcmdr(Rcmdr.HH) Rcmdr menu interface to interaction2wt
> interaction2wt(Rcmdr.HH) Plot all main effects and twoway
> interactions in a multifactor
> design
> panel.interaction2wt(Rcmdr.HH) Plot all main effects and twoway
> interactions in a multifactor
> design
> imode(rggobi) Interaction mode
> pmodes(rggobi) List available projection/interaction
> modes
> gdk-Cairo-Interaction(RGtk2) Cairo Interaction
> gdk-Pango-Interaction(RGtk2) Pango Interaction
> gtkMainIteration(RGtk2) gtkMainIteration
> gtkMainIterationDo(RGtk2) gtkMainIterationDo
> quadIntegr(rjacobi) Quadrature Integration
> mfit(Rlab) Computes main and interaction fitted
> effects
> telef(robustbase) Number of International Calls from
> Belgium
> telef(rrcov) Number of International Calls from
> Belgium
> SIMS(SASmixed) Second International Mathematics Study
> data
> graphinter(SensoMineR) Graphical display of the interaction
> between two qualitative
> variables
> interact(SensoMineR) Estimation of interaction coefficients
> E2.4(SenSrivastava) International Car Ownership Data
> integrate.xy(sfsmisc) Cheap Numerical Integration through Data
> points.
> rotate(shapes) Internal function(s)
> euler(simecol) Euler Integration
> iteration(simecol) Discrete Simulation
> rk4(simecol) Runge-Kutta 4th order integration
> SNPassoc-internal(SNPassoc) Internal SNPstat functions
> haplo.interaction(SNPassoc) Haplotype interaction with a covariate
> int(SNPassoc) Identify interaction term
> interactionPval(SNPassoc) Two-dimensional SNP analysis for
> association studies
> Ord(spatstat) Generic Ord Interaction model
> OrdThresh(spatstat) Ord's Interaction model
> PairPiece(spatstat) The Piecewise Constant Pairwise
> Interaction Point Process Model
> Pairwise(spatstat) Generic Pairwise Interaction model
> Saturated(spatstat) Saturated Pairwise Interaction model
> affinexy(spatstat) Internal spatstat functions
> Ord Interaction Process Family
> Saturated Pairwise Interaction Point
> Process Family
> Pairwise Interaction Process Family
> reach(spatstat) Interaction Distance of a Point Process
> diffinv(stats) Discrete Integration: Inverse of
> Differencing
> integrate(stats) Integration of One-Dimensional Functions
> interaction.plot(stats) Two-way Interaction Plot
> nls.control(stats) Control the Iterations in nls
> po.test(tseries) Phillips-Ouliaris Cointegration Test
> alphaols(urca) OLS regression of VECM weighting matrix
> ca.po(urca) Phillips & Ouliaris Cointegration Test
> cajolst(urca) Testing Cointegrating Rank with Level
> Shift at Unknown time
> cajools(urca) OLS regression of VECM
> menu(utils) Menu Interaction Function
> humpfit(vegan) No-interaction Model for Hump-backed
> Species Richness vs. Biomass
> dpss.taper(waveslim) Calculating Thomson's Spectral
> Multitapers by Inverse Iteration
> Type 'help(FOO, package = PKG)' to inspect entry 'FOO(PKG) TITLE'.
> -gaurav
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