Re: [R] Visualize quartiles of plot line

From: Arne Brutschy <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 09:22:57 +0200


h> How about quantile regression? Have a look at
h> for some examples of
h> what that might look like.

I tried the ggplot2 package, it seems to be quite powerful. But documentation is only partially available, so I'm having some problems creating the graphs at all.

First of all, where can I find the diamonds and dsmall data? I cannot recreate the samples given in the documentation.

I'm currently using a simple smoother to display the tendency of the data and it's stderr. For some reason, it works only for simple colors:

p <- ggplot(data, aes(x=Problemsize, y=Fitness)) +   geom_smooth(fill=alpha("blue", 0.2), colour="darkblue", size=2)

This does only display a line, not the surrounding stderr. When I change the fill atrribute to "blue" or "grey80" without the alpha, the stderr gets displayed.

Additionally, I want to display three different models by this, each with a differen curve/stderr fill color. How do I do that? I tried so set color=Model, which yields only a single line.

On another plot, I want to use a single model to be displayed with points colored by a gradient depending on a third property:

p <- ggplot(data, aes(x=Problemsize, y=Fitness), color=DeltaConfig) +   geom_smooth(size=1, color="black", fill="grey80")+   geom_point(size=0.5)+
  scale_colour_gradient(limits=c(0,10), low="red", high="white")

This does not work, I think the connection between goem_point and DeltaConfig is not there. But when I try to set

  geom_point(size=0.5, color=DeltaConfig)+

it complains about an unknown DeltaConfig object.

Hmm, I guess I don't fully understand this 'grammar of graphics' thing. But documentation is quite inconsistent. :( And, the coloring thing seems to be a bug. BTW, I'm using R 2.5.0 on windows.


h> On 6/16/07, Arne Brutschy <> wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I'm currently using a simple plot to visualize some mean values. I'm
>> having ~200 datapoints on the x-axis, each has 10 records. I'm
>> currently plotting only the mean value of each of the datapoints.
>> What I need is a way to visualize the quartiles/error/whatever of
>> these points. I thought about boxplots, but I have to many points on
>> the xaxis - it would be impossible to see anything. I though that it
>> would be nice to have a "hull" around each line, indicate the width of
>> the quartiles, visualized by a different background. It's like a very
>> wide boxplot with a changing mean value...
>> Is this possible with r? Does anyone know what I mean and/or has done
>> this before?
>> Thanks
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