Re: [R] Survival (KM/Cox) plots with lattice?

From: Dieter Menne <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 16:36:18 +0000 (UTC)

Deepayan Sarkar <deepayan.sarkar <at>> writes:

> > I am looking for a lattice-panel for survival (KM/Cox) plots. I know it's
> > not standard, but maybe someone has already tried?
> There are some half-formed ideas in
> but nothing packaged (mostly because I'm not all that familiar with
> survival analysis). If you have some well-defined use cases, I would
> be happy to collaborate on something generally useful.


Here my attempts. The code is not very generic, cox does not work yet, and I don't believe the syntax is good. And, there is an environment marked !!! below, which I could not get around and replaced it by a hardcoded grouping.

But nevertheless, I think it already looks better than standard graphics



ovarian$resfak = factor(ovarian$resid.ds) levels(ovarian$resfak) =c("","resid.yes") ovarian$rxfak = factor(ovarian$rx)
levels(ovarian$rxfak) =c("","rx.yes")

xyplot.survfit = function(x,form,groups=NULL,...) {   st = names(x$strata)
  # treat strata like other grouping variable   st = sub("strata\\(.*)=","",st)
  faks = strsplit(st,"[=,]")[]
  nc = length(faks[[1]])
  # bug (?) in survfit; sometimes has spaces   faks = gsub(" ","", unlist(faks))
  nam = faks[seq(1,nc,by=2)]
  gr = data.frame(
    matrix(faks[seq(2,length(faks),by=2)],ncol=nc %/%2,byrow=TRUE))   names(gr)= nam
  dfr = with(x,data.frame(time,n.risk,n.event,surv,std.err,upper,lower,     gr[rep(1:nrow(gr),x$strata),]))
  # !!! Some env-problem: groups = groups does not work here   if (!is.null(groups)) {
    xyplot(form, data=dfr, type="s", groups=rxfak, #groups=groups,

      cens = dfr$n.event==0,
      panel = function(x,y,subscripts,groups,cens,...){
        ce = cens[subscripts]

  } else {
    xyplot(form,data=dfr,type="s",cens = dfr$n.event==0, subscripts=TRUE,
      panel = function(x,y,cens,subscripts,...){
        ce = cens[subscripts]
        # dirty. Should pass ... too to set pwd etc.  


svfit = survfit( Surv(futime,fustat)~resfak+rxfak,data=ovarian) cph = coxph( Surv(futime,fustat)~resfak+rxfak,data=ovarian) #coxfit = survfit(cph,newdata=... )# Not tried yet

# The formula in xyplot is redundant and error prone, since the first term should
# always be surv~time.
# The correct formula could be inferred from svfit$call, but I would be 
# important to distinguish between groups and panels in plotting 
# form = ~|resfak, groups=rxfak # looks minimal, but not really nice
# panels=resfak, groups=rxfak # collides with panel=

xyplot(svfit,surv~time|resfak, groups="rxfak") # looks ok, bad syntax see !!! xyplot(svfit,surv~time|resfak+rxfak) # looks ok # would look ok if the !!! problem above were solved #xyplot(svfit,surv~time|rxfak, groups="resfak")

#xyplot(svfit,surv~time) # plot is not valid, should not be possible

# Does not work yet
#xyplot(coxfit,surv~time|resfak, groups="rxfak")

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