[Rd] Wishlist: Downgrade missing Rd links to NOTEs for non-installed Suggested packages

From: Henrik Bengtsson <hb_at_stat.berkeley.edu>
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 10:57:17 -0800


I wish to suggest that Rd cross references to help sections in "Suggested" packages that are not installed should be reported as NOTE:s and not WARNING:s by R CMD check. This should only apply to packages under Suggests: in DESCRIPTION.

1. One reason for putting a package under Suggests: is that it does not exist on any public repositories, but still possible to install and use. The functions provided by such a package is not necessary by most people, but may be used by a few who then take the effort to get hold of and install that package. [I don't want to discuss why such package are not on public repositories; there are heaps of reasons which are out of my control].

2. If option $R_check_force_suggests=false, then R CMD check will silently accept that packages under Suggests: are not available/installed. This is the policy of CRAN.

3. However, R CMD check will give a WARNING for Rd cross reference to such packages, e.g.

Because of the above, I wish to suggest that such Rd links are replaced by NOTEs. NOTEs are accepted by CRAN.


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