[Rd] Registered S3 methods not found: Documentation bug or anomaly in function update or ... ?

From: Ulrike Grömping <groemping_at_bht-berlin.de>
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 21:42:54 +0100

Dear expeRts,

I recently asked for help on an issue with S3 methods for lm. The issue was (in DoE.base 0.9-4)
that function update from package stats would return an error whenever DoE.base was loaded,
complaining that lm.default was not found (e.g.
swiss.lm <- lm(Fertility~Education+Examination, swiss) upd.swiss.lm <- update(swiss.lm, .~.-Examination) ).

In version 0.9-4 of DoE.base, I had followed the recommendations of Section 1.6.2 of "Writing R
extensions", exporting the generic function lm and registering the methods (lm.design and lm.default)
with S3method but not separately exporting them in the namespace file. Not having received help fast, I decided to try to explicitly export the method functions
lm.design and lm.default. This did in fact remove the issue with not finding lm.default when using function update, and I have uploaded this fixed version
as 0.9-5.

Is it generally advisable to also export the method functions (i.e. should section
1.6.2 of "Writing R extensions" be revised) ? Or is there an anomaly in function update ? Or ...?
Explanations are appreciated.

Thanks and regards, Ulrike



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