Re: [Rd] R292 and tcl/tk

From: Kasper Daniel Hansen <>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 22:56:10 -0500

> 1. Are there any known issues with tcl/tk? Should I be doing
> anything different in the configuration?

As you might know, selecting a CRAN mirror normally uses tcltk. Most likely something is wrong with tcltk (not the R package, but the library) on your machine.

> 2. When I try a simple plot command in either configuration (eg.
> plot(sin, -pi, pi)), the plot window shows up immediately on my
> machine but the plot itself takes all of two minutes to draw. I am
> not sure if the two issues are related.

This is unrelated to the bug above. In newer versions of R, the X11 device uses type = "cairo" per default. This gives prettier results, but is slower on (some) network connections.

Use X11(type = "Xlib") before you issue your plot command. This usually results in substantial speedup. This is an old issue, that has been discussed at depth when type = "cairo" was set to be default.

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