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From: Jonathan Baron <>
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 07:23:59 -0500


This is not a problem with anything you just did, but I'm writing you and ccing r-devel, in case I am allowed to post there (which I think I'm not).

The problem (in case this gets to r-devel) is that I need to have static html files for all packages, and static html ONLY for new packages. You have fixed the latter problem in the latest version of R-devel (11/08/09), in "R CMD INSTALL". But when I install R-devel from source I cannot get all the html files. The configure script has an option for --enable-prebuilt-html, and this does build the static html files for about half of the standard packages! These include base, utils, tools, ..., but they do not include datasets, boot, cluster, ...

I can of course work around this by using your new version of R CMD INSTALL after installing everything else. It does not wipe out the executables that are already installed (I think). But this might actually be a bug that was not intended.


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