Re: [Rd] Help in 2.10 lost its "Find" feature

From: hadley wickham <>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:40:14 -0600

> I understand that no one wanted to maintain the old Help, but one feature I
> used extensively -- as a newbie to R or to an unfamiliar package -- was the
> capability of searching for a word or phrase on the Help page itself.
> Ctrl-F/Command-F (Windows/mac) 'differently-phrased-capability' was a fast
> way to find out how to specify the arguments for a function call to
> accommodate a "capability" phrased differently than could be found in the
> author's designed argument list, especially for long and informative Help's.
> If new-Help could easily be enhanced to resurrect that feature, I believe
> many users would appreciate it. Thanks.

Most browsers offer this feature - it certainly works in safari and firefox, and I'm sure in internet explorer too.



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