Re: [Rd] error checks

From: Tony Plate <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:02:41 -0700

Putting options(error=function() NULL) at the start of the .R will let R CMD check continue with commands in a file after stop() is called. (Or anything other than the default options(error=NULL)).

Terry Therneau wrote:
> I'm currently packaging up some of the kinship matrix routines more
> formally, these are used in coxme when dealing with family correlation
> structures. One of my test programs exercises error conditions, i.e.,
> it purposely feeds particular types of invalid pedigree data in to see
> if the right error message results. So there are comment-action pairs
> # the next line should generate a "pedigree loop" error
> kindepth(.....
> As I found out last night, such tests case a failure of R CMD check!
> Any suggestions on how to properly package these?
> A second question is keywords. None of the standard ones apply to this
> code -- I'd like "genetics". How do we add a new one?
> Terry T.
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