Re: [Rd] (PR#14066) model.frame error with formula=~1 and

From: Sebastian Meyer <>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 13:12:34 +0100

Thank you for your rapid bug fix and for your instructive comments on my bug report.

> this is not 'model.frame error', nor even reported by R as such.

Of course you are right, but I thought that a bug report on model.frame would probably reach more attention further providing a more motivating frame for the bug than just writing that complete.cases(,150,0))) would not work, and I was absolutely sure that you would be able to track down the source of the problem.

>> data(iris)
> That line is unnecessary: 'iris' is a visible object in package
> 'datasets'.

Ok. I was not sure about this and just wanted to be on the save side to offer a reproducible example working in a maximum variety of R sessions.

Best regards and thank you very much for your intense development of R,

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