Re: [Rd] Link to pdf documentation from other package ?

From: Ulrike Groemping <>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 04:06:48 -0800 (PST)

Duncan Murdoch-2 wrote:

> Ulrike Groemping wrote:

>> Dear developeRs,
>> I have not found anything recent about how to link to a vignette or other
>> documentation from within Rd-files. Is this now possible with the new
>> help
>> system ? For example, I would like to link to the file AlgDesign.pdf
>> provided within the doc directory of package AlgDesign.

> Yes, you can do it with a \url{} macro. Use a relative link, acting as
> though the starting page is located in /library/AlgDesign/html/*. So
> \url{../doc/AlgDesign.pdf}
> should work from the same package,
> \url{../../AlgDesign/doc/AlgDesign.pdf} from elsewhere. Please let me
> know if this doesn't work, I haven't tested.
> Duncan Murdoch

Yes, this works, thanks! Is it also possible to display an alternative text instead of the URL itself, like with other links (e.g. show text "Open pdf" that operates the link) ?

Regards, Ulrike

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