[Rd] In the documentation of 'Ops.Date', please remove mention about "difftime", like in the documentation of 'DateTimeClasses' (PR#14072)

From: <suharto_anggono_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 11:45:45 +0100 (CET)

I am sorry to reply. But I need to clarify things.=0A=0AFrom searching over=
 the internet, I know that, before R 2.5.0, in the documentation of 'DateTi=
meClasses', in 'date + x', in the explanation about 'x', there is also ment=
ion that 'x' can be a 'difftime' object. Now, it has been removed.=0A=0AWhy=
 not doing the same in the documentation of 'Ops.Date'? I have read the doc=
umentation carefully. Also, I have just downloaded http://cran.bic.nus.edu.=
sg/src/base-prerelease/R-latest.tar.gz. In the file Ops.Date.Rd, the phrase=

=0A\emph{or} an object of class=0A \code{"\link{difftime}"}=0Ais still t=
here. This is a snapshot from Ops.Date.Rd.=0A=0A\usage{=0A\special{date + x= }=0A\special{date - x}=0A\special{date1 lop date2}=0A}=0A\arguments{=0A \i= tem{date}{date objects}=0A \item{date1, date2}{date objects or character v= ectors. (Character=0A vectors are converted by \code{\link{as.Date}}.)}=
=0A \item{x}{a numeric vector (in days) \emph{or} an object of class=0A =
\code{"\link{difftime}"}.}=0A \item{lop}{One of \code{=3D=3D}, \code{!=3D= }, \code{<}, \code{<=3D}, \code{>}=0A or \code{>=3D}.}=0A}=0A=0AThe docu= mentation says that the usage is=0Adate + x=0ASo,=0Adate + x=0Ashould work.=
=0A=0ASo, in the documentation of 'Ops.Date', in the explanation about argu=
ment 'x', please remove the phrase "or an object of class "difftime".". Tha= t would be in line with the documentation of 'DateTimeClasses', and at leas= t saves new users.=0A=0AThank you.=0A=0A=0A New Email addresses availa= ble on Yahoo!=0AGet the Email name you&#39;ve always wanted on the new @yma= il and @rocketmail. =0AHurry before someone else does!=0Ahttp://mail.promot= ions.yahoo.com/newdomains/aa/ ______________________________________________
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