Re: [Rd] ?setGeneric garbled (PR#14153)

From: Ross Boylan <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 09:42:22 -0800

On Thu, 2009-12-17 at 15:24 +0100, Martin Maechler wrote:
> >>>>> Ross Boylan <>
> >>>>> on Thu, 17 Dec 2009 02:15:12 +0100 (CET) writes:
> > Full_Name: Ross Boylan
> > Version: 2.10.0

> > OS: Windows XP
> > Submission from: (NULL) (
> > Some of the help for setGeneric seems to have been garbled. In the section
> > "Basic Use", 5th paragraph (where the example counts as a single line 3rd
> > paragraph) it says
> > <quote>
> > Note that calling 'setGeneric()' in this form is not strictly
> > necessary before calling 'setMethod()' for the same function. If
> > the function specified in the call to 'setMethod' is not generic,
> > 'setMethod' will execute the call to 'setGeneric' itself.
> > Declaring explicitly that you want the function to be generic can
> > be considered better programming style; the only difference in the
> > result, however, is that not doing so produces a You cannot (and
> > never need to) create an explicit generic version of the primitive
> > functions in the base package.
> > <quote>
> > The stuff after the semi-colon of the final sentence is garbled, or at least
> > unparseable by me. Probably something got deleted by mistake.
> That's very peculiar.
> The corresponding methods/man/setGeneric.Rd file has not been
> changed in a while,
> but I don't see your problem.

The help from R launched directly from the R shortcut on my desktop looks fine, in both 2.10 and 2.8.

I closed all my emacs sessions and restarted, but ?setGeneric produces the same garbled text. I also tried telling ESS to use a different working directory when launching R; it didn't help.

The last sentence of this paragraph is also garbled: <quote>
 The description above is the effect when the package that owns the

     non-generic function has not created an implicit generic version.
     Otherwise, it is this implicit generic function that is us_same_
     version of the generic function will be created each time.


P.S. was extremely sluggish, even timing out, both yesterday and today for me. mailing list Received on Thu 17 Dec 2009 - 17:49:09 GMT

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