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From: Andrew C. Ward (
Date: Sat 18 Jan 2003 - 09:43:45 EST

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Is your data such that it can be restructured into a form amenable to a
lattice plot, such as xyplot()? In that case, the legend (key in lattice)
can be placed pretty much anywhere.


Andrew C. Ward

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On Friday, January 17, 2003 10:22 PM, Vumani Dlamini
[] wrote:
> Dear R-users:
> I asked a question on how I can have a universal legend in a plot and
> received the following result. I tried using "layout" but I can't seem to
> work on the "empty" plot (where I have to have the legend). I tried "oma"
> but I couldn't improve the quality of the plot, and that I didn't know
> to specify all the line types using the keyboard, infact it is line type
> (I had _._ and it didn't look nice).
> #
> I am trying to create a graph with 6 panels, but would like to have a
> universal legend as each panel merely denotes a separate stratum. The
> has to be at the bottom.
> I use "par(mfrow=c(2,3))" to get the panels, but am not sure how to put
> legend below the whole graph.
> Thanking you as always
> ############
> J.R. Lockwood
> I don't think you can do this without
> layout()
> which you can use to create a separate graphical area within the plot
> region, where you can put the legend.
> i could be wrong though
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> Peter Dalgaard
> You need to look at mtext(....,outer=TRUE), plus par(oma=....) to make
> room for the text in the outer margins.
> ############
> Try layout() for finer adjustments (and some drawbacks).
> See ?layout how to set up a 7th figure (legend) of full with below the
> desired six other figures.
> Uwe Ligges
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