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From: A.J. Rossini (
Date: Thu 20 Feb 2003 - 01:35:52 EST

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Prof Brian Ripley <> writes:

> On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Joe Conway wrote:

>> Is there a desire to get R to build under Cygwin, or is it preferable to
>> put any effort into the Windows port?
> Clearly there is some interest (or Tony Rossini would not be trying),
> but I don't see any desire to maintain R under Cygwin: it's an ongoing
> commitment to keep it working that would be needed.

It's amusing, and there are reasons for ME to be interested in it, but
I think the reasons for constructing a Cygwin port are not pragmatic,
given that Rterm exists and works.

> In my experience Windows users want a Windows interface (and especially
> Windows filenames), not a somewhat-like-Unix one.

This is exactly the point. All but a negligible few unix-"primary"
users who want a unix interface under Windows should be satisfied by
the current Rterm.

(it would be "nice" to have a cygwin port, it would solve some of the
config and potential licensing (redistribution of ActivePerl) issues
with Perl, etc, but this is a case of causing more pain to save a
minimal amount of time and some documentation reading).

I shouldn't be so negative; it WOULD be a nice thing to have someone
do it. It just probably won't be me to finish it.


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