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Date: Mon 31 Mar 2003 - 04:42:31 EST

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If you are not trying to write R editing functionality for an editor other than (X)Emacs or WinEdt, what you describe below is already available in these editors using ESS with (X)Emacs and R macros for WinEdt.

John Fox's enhancements for using ESS with Xemacs at page below. You can also use ESS alone, without these enhanced menus, etc.

Look at Editing Support section on the following CRAN page.

Jim Lemon wrote:

Hi again,

If my trawling through the "connections" code is correct, a pipe
connection is designed to read to EOF before returning its input to the
parsing function. Blocking is not an option with this type of connection.
As I do not know how to spoof an EOF on an open pipe, it looks like I
would have to rewrite 3 or 4 fairly low level functions to return input on

My impression is that this is the wrong way to go about this. After all, I
am sure that something similar is already being done using the present
connection functions. Any suggestions as to where else I might look would
be greatly appreciated.

OS - Linux
R v1.5.1

To reiterate, what I am attempting to do is to send selected text from an
external editor to the R command line, where it will be processed as if
entered from the keyboard. I have accomplished everything except getting
the selections of text which are sent from the external editor to be
processed individually rather than all in a bunch when the external editor
exits. For example:

Select the following text in the editor and send it:

cat("Mean of x\n")

R shows:

Mean of x
[1] 5.5

Select more text and send it:

cat("Sum of x\n")

R shows:

Sum of x
[1] 55

What happens now - selections are sent, but nothing happens until the
external editor is closed, at which point, R shows:

Mean of x
[1] 5.5
Sum of x
[1] 55



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