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From: Johannes SCHNITZLER (
Date: Sat 08 May 2004 - 00:51:51 EST

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Thank you very much for the fast answers,

It work's very well


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On Sat, 8 May 2004, Jason Turner wrote:

> Johannes SCHNITZLER wrote:
> > The second question:
> > I was trying to set the working directory while I'm calling a script
> > with Rterm.exe from the command line.
> > Something like
> > c:\Program Files\R\rw1090\bin\rterm.exe --vanilla
> > <test.r --args "Arg1" "Arg2"
> Not sure - if you could pass the working directory as an arg, then R
> handle it from there - use the setwd() command. What I usually do on
> Un*x-like systems is to cd to the directory first, then start the R
> Something like....
> cd "my favorite dir"
> R --vanilla ...
> Since you're already specifying the absolute path for Rterm, the above

> should work...

That's the only way. The `working directory' is the directory from
you launch an application (although you can fix that by a shortcut). R
looks in the working directory for several things, e.g. a .Rprofile
before it ever runs any R code like setwd. If that is not a problem you

can use something like (from a decent shell)

(echo "setwd(somewhere"); cat test.r) | Rterm.exe --args "Arg1"

to make the first R code run change directories. Or you can have at the

top of test.r


and use

Rterm.exe WD="c:/data" < test.r --args "Arg1" "Arg2"

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