RE: [R] Surprise when indexing with a factor.

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From: Liaw, Andy (
Date: Sat 08 May 2004 - 22:23:03 EST

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It may be educational to read ?factor before you use a factor for some
operation (such as subscripting), I guess. In part, it says:


     'factor' returns an object of class '"factor"' which has a set of
     numeric codes the length of 'x' with a '"levels"' attribute of
     mode 'character'. If 'ordered' is true (or 'ordered' is used) the
     result has class 'c("ordered", "factor")'.

In other words, a factor is a numeric vector with a "levels" attribute.
What do you expect to happen when you use a numeric vector as subscript?


> From: pallier
> Hello,
> I had been thinking for years, without having ever checked (shame on
> me), that indexing a named vector by a factor 'f' produced the same
> results as indexing it by 'as.character(f)'. I was wrong, as the
> following example shows:
> (m <- c(a=1,b=2))
> (f <- factor(c(1,2),labels=c('b','a')))
> m[f]
> m[as.character(f)]
> m[as.numeric(f)]
> When the labels of a factor are not sorted alphabetically, m[f] and
> m[as.character(f)] yield different results. m[f] is actually
> equivalent
> to m[as.numeric(f)].
> I'm not the first to have been beaten by this (documented)
> feature, as I
> discovered in a recent thread ("[R] Indexing by factor misfeature",
> <> see
> If I am breaking the posting rules by writing again about a previous
> subject, it is only
> to suggest to add a short notice about that behavior in the
> section of
> 'R-intro.pdf' about 'index vectors'. Currently, it does not
> mention the
> use of factors as indexes (It is true that factors are only defined
> later). At least, this manual could tell the reader to read the help
> about Extract, or type '?"["' (which did not occur to me
> before writing
> this message...).
> Christophe Pallier

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