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From: Patrick Giraudoux (patrick.giraudoux@univ-fcomte.fr)
Date: Sun 09 May 2004 - 00:48:41 EST

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OK. Deepayan sent me the copy of a chat on another list between John Fox, Duncan Murdoch and Paul Murrell. The bug in the gui.exe
looks like being reported with an example to turn it before he has been definetely fixed. Just try:

trellis.device("win.metafile", file="test.emf")
cloud(Sepal.Length ~ Petal.Length * Petal.Width | Species, data =
iris, screen = list(x = -90, y = 70), distance = .4, zoom = .6)

This set of commands create a file ("test.emf") in the working directory, write a cloud plot in the file and shut down the device.
The file "test.emf" can then be imported from any software reading metafiles. I tried it with my own xyplot trouble and got
absolutely good result. Very easy, even to me!!!

Thanks to them for the hint,


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Subject: metafile copy and R 1.9.0

> Dear all,
> I'm running into problem in R-1.9.0 that hasn't happened with R-1.8.x
> If I make a plot with xyplot(), and use the menu to either save to a metafile or copy to clipboard as a metafile to export to eg
> Powerpoint, I can just copy a blank then. This does not occur with the classical plot(). Thus, I suppose that it may come from
> lattice or grid (going through the R-archives I checked that a similar trouble occur when R has been updated to 1.5).
> Has this trouble been met already and is there a way to turn it?
> Patrick Giraudoux

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