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From: Henrik Bengtsson (
Date: Sun 09 May 2004 - 06:24:01 EST

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> Hi there!
> This is my second message in two weeks. I am regretting to
> get ride of my R-1.4.1! In fact, since I upgraded to R-1.8.1
> (directly from R-1.4.1) and then to R-1.9.0 I am experiencing
> diffulties I never faced before. Professor Ripley and Dr.
> Murdoch had helped with the "Fatal Error. HOMEDRIVE." Another
> problem I am now facing is that R is not reading any matrix
> if I do not specify as.numer(). For instance, if I want to
> operate on matrix M I need to write
> operation_intended(as.numeric(M)) otherwise I got the
> following message "Error in as.double.default(): object
> cannot be coerced to double."
> I would appreciate your help to fix either the
> as.double.default() error or the "R for Windows GUI front-end
> has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry
> for the inconvenience." encountered when running R-1.8.1 so
> that I can stay with this version I successfully used for while.

Could you give a reproducible example that we can cut'n'paste and
which shows why your matrix operation is not working. Do you read the
matrix from file or generate it? What is typical elements of 'M' for
you? Try str(M).

BTW, I would say that the stability of R is improving all the time and
I would not recommend to stay with R v1.4.1, but you might be right
that you experience extra difficulties because haven't updated in two
years and small changes have been made at each new version. R v1.9.0
works perfectly fine for me on WinXP Pro.

> Best regards,
> Alain


Henrik Bengtsson

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