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From: Prof Brian Ripley (
Date: Tue 11 May 2004 - 22:59:17 EST

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On 11 May 2004, Peter Dalgaard wrote:

> "Liaw, Andy" <> writes:
> > I tried the following on an Opteron 248, R-1.9.0 w/Goto's BLAS:
> >
> > > y <- matrix(rnorm(14000*1344), 1344)
> > > x <- matrix(runif(1344*503),1344)
> > > system.time(fit <- lm(y~x))
> > [1] 106.00 55.60 265.32 0.00 0.00
> >
> > The resulting fit object is over 600MB. (The coefficient compoent is a 504
> > x 14000 matrix.)
> >
> > If I'm not mistaken, SAS sweeps on the extended cross product matrix to fit
> > regression models. That, I believe, in usually faster than doing QR
> > decomposition on the model matrix itself, but there are trade-offs.

Roughly twice as fast but the price is accuracy.

> You
> > could try what Prof. Bates suggested.
> Hmm. Shouldn't be all that much faster, but it will produce the Type I
> SS as you go along, whereas R probably wants to fit the 15 different
> models.

Nope, R can read off the Type I SSQs from the QR decomposition so only one
fit is done. (Effectively you remove the effect of one column at a time,
and you get the change in residual/regression SSq as a side effect. Take
a look at anova.lm, which just aggregates squared effects over terms.)

> I'm still surprised that R/S-PLUS manages to use a full 15 minutes on
> a single response variable. It might be due to the singularities --
> the SAS code indicated that there was a nesting issue with the "A"
> factor in the last 4-factor interaction. If so, a reformulation of the
> model might help.

I think we need to understand this better. My guess (but only a guess) is
that the model matrix has very many columns and is highly singular. If
the singularity is by design, a reformulation will help.

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