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From: Rolf Turner (rolf@math.unb.ca)
Date: Wed 12 May 2004 - 00:10:08 EST

Message-id: <200405111410.i4BEA8lt026005@erdos.math.unb.ca>

I've recently (finally!) installed R 1.9.0 on my laptop. Having
done so I've encountered a mild problem with hypertext links from
help files in add-on packages to ``native'' R functions. For example
if I load the ``spatstat'' package, and ask for help on mpl(), I can
see in the browser (I'm using mozilla) a link to glm(). When I click
on this link I get an error message:

        The file /tmp/RtmpLqFtcQ/.R/library/base/html/glm.html
        cannot be found. Please check the location and try

(Hah!) Well, it's no wonder that it can't be found --- glm() is no
longer in the base package, but rather in the stats package. So
the browser should be looking for:


The problem arises, I guess, because the package, as it stands, was
installed using R 1.8.1. The code in ..../spatstat/html/mpl.html
does indeed point to ../../base/html/glm.html and not to
../../stat/html/glm.html as it should.

But when I re-installed spatstat using R 1.9.0, nothing changed
in this regard.

I presume I could fix things by completely removing the directory
containiny the installed version of spatstat and then re-installing
again under R 1.9.0. But this seems a trifle indelicate. Is there
a more graceful way of handling this problem? Or is there something
that I should have done which would have kept this problem from
arising? I had a fairly thorough read of the ``NEWS'' file and
could find no relevent information.


                                                Rolf Turner

P. S. Version info:

platform i686-pc-linux-gnu
arch i686
os linux-gnu
system i686, linux-gnu
major 1
minor 9.0
year 2004
month 04
day 12
language R

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