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From: Joan Snodgrass (joans@breastcenter.tmc.edu)
Date: Wed 12 May 2004 - 23:59:40 EST

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Thank you to David James for the solution to this one!

David James wrote:
> The workaround in the README.Oracle9 files is intended for the symbol
> sqlda (I think), but the sqlctx symbol apparently is defined in
> -lclntsh.
> So, could you try the following?

R CMD INSTALL --configure-args='--enable-oracle32
--enable-extralibs="-lsqlplus -lclntsh"' ROracle_0.5-4.tar.gz


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From: Joan Snodgrass [mailto:joans@breastcenter.tmc.edu]
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Subject: ROracle package error

I am running R 1.8.1 on a Solaris 8 64-bit machine and using Oracle I noticed that the readme for ROracle lists a problem and
suggests the following to work around it:
R CMD INSTALL --configure-args='--enable-extralibs' ROracle_0.5-4.tar.gz

I ran the following to install since we have 32-bit R and 64-bit Oracle:
R CMD INSTALL --configure-args='--enable-oracle32--enable-extralibs'

I receive no errors during the install, but when I try to load the
package I receive the following error (which is very similar to the one
listed in the readme):
> library(ROracle)
Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) :
unable to load shared library "/usr/local/lib/R/library/ROracle/libs/ROr
acle.so": ld.so.1: /usr/local/lib/R/bin/R.bin: fatal: relocation error:
file /usr/local/lib/R/library/ROracle/libs/ROracle.so: symbol sqlcxt:
referenced symbol not found
Error in library(ROracle) : .First.lib failed

Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be greatly


Joan Snodgrass <joans@breastcenter.tmc.edu>

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