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From: Jason.L.Higbee@stls.frb.org
Date: Mon 17 May 2004 - 07:05:46 EST

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As mentioned by Baron, you should think deeper about the question(s) you
would like to answer and the context of those questions. Statistical
analysis should hopefully also have a theoretical basis. As for the
voting you have mentioned.
>Q:there are six production listed below.according to your preference,the
>you like most is_____,the production you secondly like is ____,and the
third is_____.
>productionA productionB productionC productionD
>when the data is collected. i type in a stata in such format:
>firstlike secondlike thirdlike
>A C D
>E A E

It is very tricky to analyze, so you should be up on the theoretical
developments of this type of voting. Look to: The Arrow impossibility
theorem and Condorcet's paradox.


Though it doesn't seem ideal "every (unimposing) voting method which
chooses between three or more candidates, must be either dictatorial or
manipulable (i.e. susceptible to tactical voting)."


In my opinion, the statistical methods used should just be descriptive
statistics. Then think about what they are showing, with the
aforementioned theorems in mind, in the context of ultimate question you
are trying to answer.

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
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