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From: Don MacQueen (
Date: Thu 20 May 2004 - 00:36:47 EST

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See the following email, which was sent to r-help 2004-02-21

From: "Graciliano M. P." <>
To: "Module Authors" <>
Subject: [R] New Perl module Statistics::R

I have released the new module Statistics::R and need some feedback of it's
This will permit the control of the the R (R-project) interpreter through
Perl in different architectures and OS.

You can for example, start only one instance of the R interpreter and have
different Perl process accessing it. What will save the initiation time of R
and memory.

Soo, I will appreciate if some one can test it in different OS. Tested with
Win32 and Linux.

Thanks in advance.

Graciliano M. P.

At 6:59 PM -0700 5/18/04, Tae-Hoon Chung wrote:
>Hi, all;
>Our group is planning to develop a web-based analysis package with
>R. I have some questions.
>(1) Can we use R as a daemon-like way such that, after invoking R
>and making it run in a kind of background mode, just put some R
>script into R using some pipe-like mechanism and retrieve the result
>out of it?
>(2) If this is possible, then how can we do it? If this is not
>possible, then what is the best way to accomplish this thing? Should
>we just use "R BATCH ..." thing all the time? The concern is that,
>in this case, we have to invoke R every time we want to use it,
>which will cause some time delay for loading R programs every time
>and may cause some system overhead when multiple users try to use R
>at the same time.
>(3) I have a package developed in R with GUI in tcltk and want to
>port it in Java (because there are some other functionalities that
>have already been developed in Java and want to extend existing
>functionalities). The problem is that there does not seem to be an
>easy way to invoke R inside a Java program. I know there is a
>library called RSJava that is supposed to help this kind of
>situation but what I found was that it seemed to work only in Unix
>environment and it seemed to focus mainly users that try to use Java
>in R not users try to use R in Java. What will be the best solution?
>Thanks in advance,
>Tae-Hoon Chung, Ph.D
>Post-doctoral Research Fellow
>Molecular Diagnostics and Target Validation Division
>Translational Genomics Research Institute
>1275 W Washington St, Tempe AZ 85281 USA
>Phone: 602-343-8724
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